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21 Jun

Welcome to 2012 everyone! 

This is my first post – ever. It’s the second day of January, which means I’m a few days late thinking about my New Year resolutions, and what better to write about than the beginning of something big? I’m pretty pumped about 2012 and all it holds in store – it’ll be a year of change, of coming-t0-age in a lot of ways (I do think that still happens after 20). So let’s start with something big.


As I’m sitting here on my couch, looking at the Christmas tree and watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs, the best way I can think of to start out the new year is with my #oneword for 2012. For those of you who don’t know what this is, I just read a blog by Christine Kane that really sums it up for me. If I had to explain it, I would call this word the “it” word for your year. The word you think of when you’re stuck, when you’re making big decisions, unsure about what to do next. A word you’re inexplicably drawn to this year, that you can’t stop coming back to.


There are so many words to choose from, but my #oneword for 2012 will be discern (or discernment, depends on the content).


1. to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehend: they discerned a sailon the horizon.
2. to distinguish mentally; recognize as distinct or different;discriminate: he is incapable of discerning right from wrong.
What does it mean to me?
I am influenced every day by things around me – I’m always looking outside for opinions, recommendations, thoughts, and inspiration. I’m a pretty decisive person all around, as long as that decision is a small to medium sized one – where to eat, how to act, what to wear, things like that.